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Summer 2018

Tall Paul’s Grill on the Block

Paul Mason’s grill offers high quality, healthy nutritious food using fresh ingredients grilled on a barbecue. Paul, Bury’s own, trained at Whitefield Catering college before gaining experience working in a five star hotel in Stratford Upon Avon and other luxury restaurants before joining the armed forces. And before you ask, he really is six feet five! After also having spells in IT and being a TV extra, Paul is now back to his old roots and says he’s “keen to be part and parcel of the local, bustling Bury life!”.

What drives Paul? “I love the sights and sounds of market life”. He also loves what he describes as “fabulous camaraderie and banter” with other local traders and the “lively bustling atmosphere”. So for those working locally, who are fed up of tasteless, pre-packed lunches and fast food, Tall Paul’s Grill is right around the corner!

‘Tall Paul’s Grill On The Block’ is located at No.5 Toulmin Block, Bury Market. Open Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.

Mr Singh’s Workwear & Outdoor Leisure Wear

Mr Singh’s has always been a family business. Being passed down from three generations since it was founded in 1971 by grandfather, Mr Pritam Singh, who brought his family over all the way from Punjab, India. He started off his by selling coats and anoraks, and from there opened an import/export business with his sons.

Nowadays business has never been better, supplying clothing and workwear locally to shoppers and businesses. In addition, they offer a wide selection of smart casual bodywarmers, trousers and coats, “We cater for all clothing needs”. You name it, they have it. And if they don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll order it special for you! Just ask for Uncle, Dad or Jaz who will be happy to help.

‘Mr Singh’s Workwear And Outdoor Leisure Wear’ is located at 33/38/39 Wyndham Block, Bury Market. Open Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.